Ads and News from the 1960s

Some photos I took while going through the archives of the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet (from the 1960s) at the Taksim Atatürk Library. See also previous post.


“We can’t all be pretty … but we have the power to be smart when we buy toothpaste.” Copywriters used to be harsher on people indeed.


“A beautiful Italian woman was murdered.” Pity.


“Science is about to beat cancer.” Does this sound familiar?


“CHIPBOARD is unrivaled.” Okay. Easy.


“Latest news from the space: It is claimed that the Moon is hollow inside and has large petroleum lakes on its surface.” Now that’s news!


“Football comedy in Italy! Black Brazilian Jair whose grandmother is reported to have migrated from Italy in the 19. century gets Italian citizenship.” Funny how social ethics change beyond recognition over time. And fortunate.


“Education all over the world will be on electronic machines after year 2000.”, “Teaching machines start to get attention.”


“Another innovation in medicine: The infection rate in surgery is minimized.” Correct me if I’m wrong but I guess this is not how we do it now. Unless the patient is radioactive.


“1. issue confiscated, 2. issue sold out. Today it’s time for the 3. issue.” Based on the pattern so far, I predict this one will be confiscated.


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  2. amazing 🙂 I always loved the way how journalism was naive and ads were innovative back in the day 🙂

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