Why I Don’t Buy a Smartphone

  1. because I prefer to have the excuse of not being able to check my emails when I’m away from my desktop computer;
  2. because I want to enjoy those precious moments when I can’t figure out the answer to a trivial question (“How old is Obama?”, “How does toothpaste work?”, “Where is Fiji?”), at least until I get back in front of the computer;
  3. because when I meet friends/family I’d like to fully attend to them instead of looking downwards and checking emails/websites every five minutes;
  4. because I’d like to keep my habit of reading when travelling;
  5. because I like to throw my phone around carelessly;
  6. because my hands and fingertips are too large to type on those tiny touchscreen keys.

For the first four reasons, don’t tell me that I have the option not to be doing these things (not checking emails continuously, etc.) while having the smartphone – I know, from observing my own internet behavior and people around me who have smartphones (i.e. people around me), that these habits will become second nature in just a few days. The only way of resistance is to avoid buying it in the first place. (It’s a Ulysses contract.)

Join the resistance, my friends! (Literally. My friends in real life.) Because I don’t want to wait while you check Facebook under the table every five minutes.


  1. I’ll try to throw-out my phone (temporarily); then let me decide :-))

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