In my last microscopy post with the yellow sac spider, I had noted the resemblance between the sternum of the animal and of the Xenomorph facehugger from Alien. That gave me the idea of doing a series of movie posters using only photographs that I take with my old microscope. Below are the results. (Again, I’m taking these photos by just holding the camera lens up to the eyepiece.) The photographs are not manipulated except for some minor color adjustments. Below the images are written what you’re really looking at.

the sternum of a yellow sac spider

human blood

the hair of a stuffed toy duck

a Cuban cigar label (oh the irony)

a fly

the edge of a CD

the corner of a pine illustration in a newspaper

This is my dear antique microscope; metal body, made by the Soviet Russian company OПTA, model УМ-401П-1 No9206. I remember that my father had bought it at a flea market.

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    offf çok güzeller. efsane

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