Evolutionary Graphic Design: Gráphagos

I’m finally publishing the evolutionary graphic design program that I created in 2008–2010 as my master’s thesis project, along with the thesis. Among my personal work, this is probably the one I spent most time on, and the most valuable.

Gráphagos is a program where graphic design products evolve with selection applied by the user. It was mainly an academic project trying to tailor a detailed memetic model for the creative process of a designer. In the end, it turned out it can be used as a tool: it offers a new process of making graphic design just by doing selection. (You can try it on the website.) My thesis, in addition to the details of the program, contains summaries of theories of evolution (genetic, memetic, and digital) and some theoretical discussion and (hopefully) contribution by me.

I want to thank the two people whom I thank on nearly all of my personal projects: Eser Aygün who taught me how to program and Amaç Herdağdelen who recently helped with the embedding of the program in the website. My two computer scientist friends have offered continuous technical support and conceptual input throughout the development of this project.

Wow. I waited four years to write this post.

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