Gráphagos is a program where populations of graphic design products (each with a genome) evolve with selection applied by the user. It was mainly an academic project trying to tailor a detailed memetic model for the creative process of a designer. In the end, it turned out it can be used as a tool: it offers a new process of making graphic design just by doing selection.

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I conceived it in 2008 as a project for my Master of Arts thesis (2010) and created the program in Processing with the gracious help of Eser Aygün.
You can find a lot more information about it and try it on its own website.
  • Gráphagos initially generates random layouts with the given textual content and offers them to a human user for selection,
    then takes the selected ones, slightly and randomly change them to create the next generation of products. Every design has its own genome.
  • A short example of a Gráphagos session.
  • An evolutionary history of 8 generations.
  • The genotype-phenotype mapping in Gráphagos.
  • Some generations created by Gráphagos.
  • Some individuals created by Gráphagos along with their genomes.
  • Some generations created by Gráphagos.
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  • Some individuals created by Gráphagos along with their genomes.
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